About Us

About Us

Esteblished since 1952 , Experience and Experties make Valette stand out from the rest .We really care about the enviroment hence,all our Dry Cleaning is ECO-FRIENDLY which not only is good for the enviroment ,ECO DRY ClEANING is good for the garments ,it is sofer and gentle and increases the logivity of the garment. Some fabrics are more suited to Perchloroethylene and some stubborn stains can only be removed by Processing in Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning machine ,we therefore have a PERC.machine too. There is no garment that we are not able to Dry clean.

Our staff are all highly trained and experienced to service every type of fabric and have a keen eye when it comes to noticing even the smallest mark. Attention to detail is so necessary in this business and our customers need to rely on our years of experience in order to get the service right first time, every time. We are confident that you will be happy with the results and most of our customers are now regular clients, confident to place their garments with us.

If we can not remove a stain first time ,we will reclean the garment , our Stain removal success rate is over 95%.

GreenEarth® cleaning is less abrasive, and so more gentle on all types of fabrics. It has also been  proven to help protect against wear, shrinkage and colour fade.

GreenEarth® cleaning produces excellent results in particular on delicate textiles such as silks, linens, knitwear, beaded garments, party dresses & evening wear. 

Eco Friendly –Safe for our environment, safer for you & safer for our staff.

Better Finish –Natural conditioning & anti-static properties give your clothing a softer feel

Odourless –No unpleasant chemical odours

Brighter Colours –Noticeably improves optical brightness to all colours & whites

As we want nothing but the best for our customers & our environment we would always recommend that your textiles be cleaned using GreenEarth