Leather And Suede Cleaning


Valette Services provide dry cleaning service for a range of a suede, sheepskin, and leather garments and items, including; coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle leathers and handbags.

  • Repairs and Alterations
  • All types of hemming of trousers, dresses, skirts and shirts
  • Taking in and taking out at the waist
  • Tapering of trousers
  • Wedding dress alterations
  • Dress Alterations
  • All types of zip replacements
  • Mending of household items
  • Patching and repairing holes and rips
  • Shortening and Re Lining Curtains
  • Curtain making services

Disclaimer 1: leather, suede and other vulnerable garments

Valetta will take every care when cleaning your garments, and will follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions where such care instructions are affixed to them. Where there are no such cleaning instructions, Valette will take great care in cleaning them, and will take every recommended precaution in doing so.

Them are some inherent risks when garments made from leather, suede and certain other fabrics are dry-cleaned, brief details of which am given below.

1 Leather and suede: generally: garments made from leather and suede are susceptible to hazards inherent to the fact that they are made from skins which have been taken from various parts of an animal, and sometimes from more than one animal.

2 Leather and suedes imperfections and shrinkage: imperfections such as scars, tick marks, veins and changes of texture may become more apparent after the garment has been cleaned, and skins which have been over-stretched during drying may shrink.

3 Leather and suede:colour shading from adhesives: glues used during manufacturing may not be resistant to solvents and may seep through the leather or suede, causing darker areas.

4 Loss of colour: some dyes are soluble in the cleaning solvent; original colours cannot always be restored.

5 Light colours and contrasting trim:
it may not be possible to remove all traces of staining from light-coloured fabrics; dyes may bleed from darker contrasting trim into the light-coloured fabric.

6 Multicoloured garments:
dyes may bleed into adjoining leather, suede or fabric.

7 Stains:
some stains cannot be removed without causing damage to the fabric or skin colour.

8. Vinyl trim:
vinyl trim may harden, peel or bubble.

9 School jackets:
some of the dyes used are not colour-fast and may fade or bleed into one another.

10 Decorative trim: trims such as metal, rhinestone, beads and sequins may be damaged or come off during the cleaning process.