Tailoring Services

Tailoring and dressmaking

Affordable, Original, Unique . . . made in Windsor by Valette

Valette Tailoring is based in the heart of Windsor, on the 5th floor of the King Edward Court car park one floor below Waitrose with customer parking right outside our premises for your convenience.

At Valette, we offer bespoke Ladies’ tailoring. We have hundreds of designs from which to choose. Alternatively, bring in a picture of a dress or a suit in the style of your dreams and we will measure, sketch, design and make it for you at our Windsor premises to fit you perfectly . . .

We have a highly qualified and experienced team of dressmakers and tailors. We can provide the fabric of your choice, or you may bring your own.

Our service is perfect for those with individual fitting requirements, or those who would like a really unique ‘statement’ outfit.

We can create luxurious, detailed separates that are contemporary, classic and sophisticated. You may select from our Vogue 1967 fashion collection, and we will make the garment in the same style and quality that was made in the good old days in the UK.

We offer a free fitting and advisory service.

Why choose bespoke?

Picture this: you have been invited to a special event . . . you have no idea what to wear and have spent hours looking on the high street and all the designer boutiques ,the internet, everywhere, for that very special ‘something’ that will make you feel and look amazing . . . but you can’t quite find it, or nothing seems to fit just as it should.

This is where bespoke comes in: a dress, suit or outfit made just for you. It will fit like a dream, enhance all your best features and subtly cover the rest. It will be original, unique and there will be no one else in the world with it! Not even a celebrity

Special . . . just for you!

An outfit made just for you: there’s no greater luxury. At Valette, ‘special’ comes at an affordable price.

Our experienced designers and tailors use only the finest materials. They sew to the highest standards. Your outfit will be of the highest quality and, with proper care, it will last you a lifetime.

How our service works

You will discuss the style of outfit that you would like . . . bring pictures, drawings and ideas of your dream outfit. You will discuss fabrics, colours and finish.

Once you have decided on what you would like, your measurements will be taken and we
will begin the making process. If the garment is complicated, a toile will be made in calico for the first fitting. Generally, one fitting is needed before collection.


We can make your outfit quickly if time is of the essence, but we would rather have a couple of weeks to make your unique outfit . . . the more time you can give us, the better!


Valette has a pre-payment policy.